Marine Engineering and Repair

Hull decks repairs afloat: Repair of hull steel constructions, Hatch cover repairs, Repairs to cranes (wire, pulleys and bearings replacement on jibs), Structural repair with cleaning, blasting and painting, Anchor and anchor chain replacement, Maintenance and repair of mooring and anchor winches, Aluminum gangways repairs.

Piping: mild steel, stainless, cunife, Sea water pipes, fuel lines, Hydraulic pipelines, CO2 high pressure manifolds, low pressure and pilot lines, Insulating of pipelines, and big diversity of pipes.

Mechanical works: Air coolers and heat exchangers, boilers, Pumps and turbines, Hydraulic systems, Main Engine Repair, Overhaul and Recondition, Auxiliary Engine Repair, Mechanical Repair, Turbocharger Repair and Spare Supply, Main Engine and Auxiliary Engine Crank Shaft grinding and Recondition.

Cleaning and painting: Sand Blasting, High pressure washing, Tanks cleaning, Tank and deck coating.

Electronic work:  Measurements and services in the field of electronics and automation engineering, Plate refreshing and repairing, reconstruction plates and electronics, Electrical and electronical protection of generators, Maintenance and installation of alarm and control system, Maintenance of power plant auxiliaries, Maintenance of voice communication systems, Maintenance power electronics, automation and inverters, Maintenance on-board electrical systems, Diagnostics and repair of cathode protection systems, Periodical survey, calibration and adjustment of pressure transducers, pressure controls, thermostats, indicators, Installation of flue gas temperature measurement systems.

Wood and carpeting: Repairs and replacement of floors, walls and ceilings, Furniture repairs and turnkey manufacture and fitting, Insulation replacement.